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Ironman: 11

Long Distance Triathlon: 1

Half Ironman: 5

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18/07/2013 Ironman Zurich


My results:

percentiles are calculated over my age group.


Barcelona half challenge (Callela, May 19)  (Swim: 1.9K; Bike: 90K; Run: 21.1K)

total: 6:02:47 (547, 1023, 53%)

swim: 0:40:34 (525); Bike: 3:20:36 (635) Run: 1:54:21 (493)



III Marnaton Sitges-Port Ginesta 10K (Oct 6)


A nice video clip here

15/07/2012 Ironman Zurich

12:06:10 Total 782(1390) 56% Age 35(94) 37%

12/05/2012 Half Ironman Mallorca (Swim: 1.9K; Bike: 90K; Run: 21.1K)

12:06:10 Total 782(1390) 56% Age 35(94) 37%

5:38:23 Total 737(185)39% Age 52(135)38%


19/05/2012 Pujada de Tibidabo (9K, +500M)

55:40 Total: 192(593)32% Age group: 52(163)31%

Nice short run up Tibidabo. Did not realize there were so many trials around that hill. 


28/04/2012 Barcelona Ultra Trial running (22K, +900M)

2:40:49 Overall: 104(333)31% Age group (now 50-54) 3(17)17%

Starting in Sitges port d'Aiguadolç climbing into Parc Garraf I learnd that I am not a good climber and that these trial runs imply lots of waiting climbing up stairs and rocks. 


This year was pretty good. I followed an Ironman training schedule I found on trifuel. This has helped me a lot to stay focused and structured. I just cut some corners here and there given work and travel. I usually reduce the swimming because there is not much to be gained or lost in the swim leg of an IM. While making sure to have the interval training and long sessions covered. It paid off in both the short and long races with an average training time of about 10h/week.

Found a nice piece on feeding during the IM. In my case it boiled down to getting 650 grams of Sponsor long energy powder discolved in two 500ml bottles to cover me during the bike leg providing me with 2400 kcal total. While choking on 2 gels/hour in the run.

Races 2011:

08/10/2011 Marnaton 10K swim from Castelldefels-Port Ginesta to Sitges. Quite an experience (video, see if you can find me). No waves but a strong swell. So felt like a roller coaster. Had the good fortune to not encounter any jellyfish or equivalent. Took me 3 hours which was not very fast compared to the pack but this had to do with some bad planning and navigational challenges, floating in the water and wondering: "where the .... is Sitges?" I had decided to stop at the points where water would be provided every 3K or so. Having in mind the standard model of an IM: tables along the road. Being out at sea, however, you now have to find the boat that has the water which easily adds hundreds of meters to the swim. So next time bring my own or go thirsty. The reaction of my body to the 3 hour soak in salt water was quite interesting. Osmosis is not a theoretical concept only.


I´m in the middle, red sleeves....

31/7/2011 Coleta Beach triathlon, Coleta, California.

3rd place in my age group with a medal. Last time I managed to win anything was when I was 15!

s 1.5 b 40 r 10

Total 2:18:58 Total 20(205)10% age 3(13)                   

Swim 40         25:13 

Bike 16           1:09:34         

Run 41           41:02


First triathlon in Goleta close to the UCSB campus. Was a great and well organized race. They only got baffled by the complexity of the medal categories. I just screwed up with starting in the wrong wave. Was wearing a red cap (wave 1), was supposed to start in wave 8 (green caps) and ended up in wave 9 (all ladies with white caps). But it all got rectified. Had an amazing bike leg coming in the 8th percentile. Reasonable run which included a bit over the beach. At the last moment the run was shortened because the mouth of the river that cuts across the beach had moved. Anyway, the first race that got me a podium position: 3rd. There is hope!


Nite Moves, Santa Barbara

2011, s 1 r 5.6

20/7 43:02    total 15(97)   16%    age 1(5) swim 28 (17:53) run 14(0:25:05)

27/7 42:41    total 12(78)   15%    age 1(6) swim 31 (18:14) run 8(0:24:27)

03/8 41:12    total 7(91)     7%      age 1(6) swim 23 (17:16) run 5(0:23:56)


A nice series of weekly aquathlons. Swim at Leadbetter beach in Santa Barbara followed by a run up hill for the first part of the loop and – the good bit - down hill after that. Improved systematically over the three weeks. First week we started with dolphins cruising close to the beach. Water has practically no visibility and is pretty cold. But after exchanging the two piece wet suit I had borrowed from John Doyle (who also introduced me to the event) with a new sleeveless X terra things were looking up. Wonderful informal atmosphere, beer and burritos at the finish and a local amateur band. Great way to shake that IM out of your system.


26/6/2011 IM France, Nice

s 3.8 b 180 r 42.2

Time 12:01:46 total 823(1899) 43% age group 89(263) 34%

Finishing in the humid nice IM, still smiling!

Swim 1:11:34 total 44% age 38%

Bike 6:06:39 total 41% age 43%

Run 4:27:12 total 41% age 34%

So there is hope. Did not manage to get into hotel Negresco this time but found a reasonable alternative. Great relaxed swim. Was still a bit intimidated by my weird Maresme experience but it all went without a hitch. Did well on the bike given the climbing in the mountains behind Nice. This time used a 28 cassette as opposed to the 25 of last time to keep up the cadence and – hopefully – save my legs a bit. After the long descent back into the city and its heat and humidity time to run. I had planned to follow a structured reward schedule: only coca cola after 30K and cold showers after 35K (don't like the squashy shoes they produce anyway). In retrospect this seemed a rather useless plan. These showers are great! This race had an enormous amount of DNFs 492 or 20% of the people who started. I could possible gain a few places in the ranking by speeding up the transitions, 7:44 and 8:37 respectively. On the other hand, 3 minutes will buy you an improvement of 3 positions in the ranking. Recovery was great. Had a meeting next day and my brain felt only marginally slower than usual.


4/7/2010 IM Germany, Frankfurt

s 3.8 b 180 r 42.2

total: 12:03:21 1143(2351) 49% 185(377) 49%

Picking up my bike after the race, I look cooked and certainly felt like that.

swim 1:14:14 total 33% age 25% .2624415142493

bike 5:45:20 total 48% age 48%

run:  4:53:12 total 63% age 62%

It all went down hill after a good swim. I signed up because of the flat course, which was not that flat after all. Swim was in a lake that emerged from a big pit dug for gravel or so. Seemed like a big murky lukewarm washing machine shared with another 2500 IM enthusiasts. Bike leg reasonable, but can not say it was fast. Pretty funny to race through these small towns with people along the road and some devils chasing you up one of the climbs. Entrance back into the city of Frankfurt is a bit bumpy though. Then the big collapse in the run. I did plan to not stop at each watering hole but my physical state won out. Almost 5h in the marathon is just tragic for a runner with a pb of 2:55. Back to the drawing board.

16.05.2010: Barcelona Maresme Half Distance Challenge (1.9-90-21)

time: 5:15:05 total 402(694) 58% age 24(50)48%

swim 39:27  68% bike 2:33:54 58% run 1:55:14 65%

making up for lost time


Gained 1 minute compared to last year. At least I was not slower! Had a horrible swim though. Started in the last group, waiting for about 1 hour in my wetsuit being slowly cooked in my wetsuit. The water was pretty fresh though (13 deg C according to the life guards on the beach). You can imagine the effect. I had a good start but in the switch to anaerobic which - subjectively - takes a few minutes, I had absolutely no breath and could not keep up my breathing rhythm while crawling. Got through it by slowing done and entertaining happy thoughts. Navigation was difficult with not many bouys along the way and the rising sun in your face. Bike leg was very nice, great course. This time the little climb towards Orius was skipped and we stayed along the coast in a 2.5 lap course. Run was decent but no mp3 players allowed and of course they tell you when you come running our of the changing area, so you can go back to put the device in your bag. This is a shame. Have no clue what the reasons are for this restriction.

There we a lot less participants compared to last year. This was the big test before Frankfurt. I guess this means that I am ready.

14.02.10 Barcelona Half Marathon (21.1K) 01:30:07 702(4135) 17%

Nice run but should be faster, I am slowing down despite my new running training schedule.


04.10.09: Barcelona Maresme Long Distance Challenge (3.8-180-42)

time: 11:23:19 133 (63)34% swim: 1:13:44 bike: 5:39:44 run: 4:16:22, DNF: 27%

Turns out this was my 2nd fasted IM thus far. Something to celebrate especially since I hardly trained seriously since Nice. Holiday periods, conferences and organizing summer schools does not help.  I really enjoyed this race, it was much better organized than the 1/2IM earlier in the year. Swim was again great fun but I'm sure my navigation made me loose quite some time. At some point I was inbetween the lanes and encountering other people with similar navigation problems. It was only that they were going in the opposite direction! Bike leg was cool. 2.5 laps of easy indulating ocean road up to Mataro and straight out flat after that. I just made one major screw up this time around which was to loose 2 of the 4 bolds that hold the handle bar to the frame after about 100K. Essentially the handle bar came off, which does comprimise control. I was extremely lucky that I stopped close to some of the race marshalls and they found me a allen wrench of the right size. Only lost 4 mins this way. Once you hit the run you know you'll make it. Used the iPod this time around - is not allowed in all races - made a big difference! Only problem was that after the finish it was a little bit crowded around the food stands. Anyway, I will try this one again.


28.06.09: Ironman France - Nice (3.8-180-42)

It was hot

time: 12:00:38 133(325)40% swim: 1:09:38 bike: 6:08:04 run: 4:30:11, DNF: 9%

12:38:26 88(285) 34% swim: 1:07:24 bike: 6:04:31 run: 5:12:24

Was the big one of this year. Given the screw up of 2008 I was better prepared - I hoped - for the long climbs and the heat during the marathon. Well truth is that it did not make such a big difference after all. 38 minutes faster but dropped from 34th to 40th percentile nevertheless! Swim and bike about the same and I'm still a lousy climber. Indeed improved the run quite a bit. This was one of the hardest one thus far. Still chasing that 3:30 IM marathon.....

24.05.09: Barcelona Maresme Half Distance Challenge (1.9-90-21)

time: 5:16:22 40(114)35% swim: 38:05 bike: 2:35:36 run: 1:53:46

they put a mean unexpected climb just before the finish....

 Great race. Swim was great in the waves. Cycling fast and smooth track with great scenery. Run fairly smooth varying terrain. Only the strech towards the finish was surprising - I did not study the route description - and climbed up a hill with the entrance to the track with the finish around a corner, i.e. psychology tough to not see where the finish is and wondering whether there will be one. Bit warm though in the run. But above all meticulous organization. Only slight problem was the clumps of drafting groups in the cycling. The majority of riders seemed to have ended up in groups. This resulted from some rather narrow passages where people bunched up and apparently decided to stick together. Not really according to the IM spirit. Indeed, I tried to escape from these groups each time which was surprisingly easy, i.e. they were not really working on it. 237 of 1595 disclassifieds tells the story I guess. But for me at the 35 percentile this was perfect preparation for Nice.



05.09.08: Barcelona Triathlon (1.4-40-10)

time: 2:24:59 282(892) swim: 28:42 bike: 1:06:16 run: 43:46

What a mess! The start was delayed almost with 2 hours and the run track was badly managed so we have some people  running the 10K in 15 minutes! Still it is a fun race.

31.08.08: ITU Long Distance World Championships Almere (4-120-30)

time: 7:59:50 54(134) 40% swim: 1:30:57 bike: 3;31:09 run: 2:47:29

In my mother's town, so I had to go. Was very warm on race day, at least for Dutch standards. Interestingly enough everybody was about 25% slower than usual in the swim and the common believe is that the swim course was 5K instead of 4. I could not get this confirmed by the organizers though.

I did not understand that the clocks were only showing the times for the pros and they had started 30 min earlier. "...I thought I was faster...."

22.06.08: Ironman France - Nice (3.8-180-42)

12:38:26 88(285) 34% swim: 1:07:24 bike: 6:04:31 run: 5:12:24

The marathon did me in (5:12) it was very hot & humid. Climbing the 2000M on the bike using a 23 gear did not help either. But my new Felt DA was marvelous never the less. Overall I felt better than in Lanzarote despite being much slower and suffering more (I lost 5 toe nails the day after the race).

10.02.08 Barcelona Half Marathon (21.1K) 01:28:45 434(2838) 15%

Nice run but should be faster.


31.12.07 Barcelona - Sant Silvestre - Cursa dels Nassos 2007 (10K) 39:42:00 518(6131) 8,5%

Only 1 minute slower than my PB established about 25 years ago. There's always a reason to be happy with ones results.

07.10.2007 Barcelona tri (1.5/40/10) 02:10:09 Overall: 92(304)30% Age group: 17(72)24% Swim: 46(00:21:16)Bike: 120(01:04:07) Run: 136(44:46:00)

19.05.07 Ironman Lanzarote

time:12:28:21  swim: 1:10.10     bike:6:36.01     run: 4:27.05 rank overall:423(874) 45%

Definitely the toughest IM I have done so far. Having a tire explode 20K into the bike leg did not help though.


08.10.06 XIX Triatlo ciutat de Barcelona 1,5/40/10km

time:2:13:48  swim:0:27:00    bike:1:04:30    run:0:42:18 rank overall:147(358) age group V1M

2.7.06 Ironman Switzerland 3.8/180/42.2 km 

time:10:54.18 swim:1:05.16 bike:5:40.06 run:4:01.22 rank overall:406(1346)30% age group M40 78(290)27%

My best IM so far. Could have been better if I did not run into the wall 20K into the marathon. Could have been avoided with better feeding discipline.

11.12.05 Zürcher Silvesterlauf 9.1 km time:34.52


4.9.05 Bodensee Tri Challenge 3.8/180/42.2 km

time:11:35:56 swim:1:11:12 bike:6:20:58 run:3:59:45 rank overall:90 (175)49% age group TM40 20(39)51%

Completely underestimated the climbing in the bike leg of about 1900m. Destroyed my legs completely.

17.7.05 Ironman Switzerland 3.8/180/42.2 km

time:11:51.30 swim:1:07.06 bike:6:07.09 run:4:28.29 rank:609 (1152)53% age group M40 98(219)45%

Broke a spoke in my hind wheel 80K into the bike leg. Did 100K with my brake on. As a result I could not walk for a minute or so after entering the changing area. The marathon time does reflect it. Would have made sense to go to the bike service point during the race.

18.6.05 Zytturm Triathlon 1,5/40/10km

time:2:17.52 swim:30.01 bike:1:06.00 run:41.50rank:160()11 65.

3.4.05 Zürich Marathon 42.2 km time:2:55.33


12.12.04 Zürcher Silvesterlauf 9.1 km time:34.40

24.10.04 Lausanne Marathon 42.1 Km time:3:05.54

18.9.04 Greifenseelauf 21.1 km time:1:28.53

4.9.04 Triathlon di Locarno 2.5/80/20 km

time:4:46.21 swim:47.02 bike:2:28.45 run:1:30.34 rank:103() MD-S1u 28()

22.8.04 Uster Triathlon 1.5/40/10 km

time;2:25.43 swim:24.52 bike:1:15.21 run:42.16 rank:184() 11 70.

24.7.04 Züri-Triathlon 1.5/40/10 km

time:2:22.55 swim:28.36 bike:1:11.33 run:42.45 rank:199() 11 65.

12.6.04 Zytturm Triathlon 1.5/40/10 km

time:2:16.27 swim:28.24 bike:1:06.34 run:41.28 rank:153() 11 63.

4.4.04 Zürich-Marathon 42.195km time:3:15.03


14.12.03 Zürcher Silvesterlauf 9.1 km time:36.12

20.9.03 Greifenseelauf 21.1 km time:1:41.24

24.8.03 VWC Uster Triathlon 1.5/40/10

time:2:35.04 swim:29.31 bike:1:16.35 run:44.14 rank:278 ()101 AK1


Decided that all work and no play makes Paul a dull boy, but instead of becoming a writer and moving to an empty hotel got back into running and discovered triathlon.