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2015 - Teatronika: theatre for robots only

Teatronika was born as a competition for a special type of play writers... those that write for robots only!  The competition has seen the participation of hundreds of script-writers but only 4 made it to the stage.

On the 29th of November 2015 Teatronika priemiered several theatrical pieces, with 4 Nao robots, including the winners of the Teatronika competition which ended last July at the Centro Cultural Contemporaneo de Barcelona. (photos by Miquel Taverna CCCB)

Teatronika 2016

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The four Teatronika competition winners.

- La reincorporación, de Gerard Freixes. Voice: Àngel García-Cerdaña (1st prizeTeatronika)
- Paraísos artificiales, de Pedro Pablo Picazo. Voice: Elies Barberà i Arnau Martín (lectura dramatitzada; 2nd prize Teatronika)
I+I, by David Pousada. Voice: Àngel García-Cerdaña (3rd prize Teatronika) 
- Hole in the sand, by Hugo Álvarez (4th prize Teatronika)

In collaboration with the Master MUAD, UPF.

Activismo Robótico, by Daniel Becerra
Bot Story, by Claudio Marzà, Cristina Tévar, Jonay González, Sergi Armengol, Jesús C. González
Self and Other, by Roc Parés and Martí Sánchez-Fibla


Concept and Realization: Martí Sánchez - Fibla
Under the direction of: Paul Verschure and Anna Mura
Stage Director: Beatriz Liebe
Voice and interpretation: Elies Barberà, Àngel García-Cerdaña i Arnau Martín
Nao Robots from UPF: Capri, Dani, Xavi i Leo
Music and sound: Enrique Canto, David Dalmazzo and Sytse Wierenga
Technical support: Alex Escuredo

Teatronika is a project of the research group SPECS,  @DTIC -UPF, with Radio 3 and with the support of the Spanish Foundation for Science and technology FECYT.
SPECS's work is supported by EU projects CSN II, EASEL and WYSIWYD