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SPECS's director Paul Verschure at Ernst Strüngmann Forum on Cognitive Science

31 Oct 2014 - 10:10

Where’s the Action? The Pragmatic Turn in Cognitive Science

October 26–31, 2014, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Prof. Paul Verschure is part of the Program Advisory Committee of the Ernst Strüngmann Forum on Cognitive Science.

The Goals of this commitee is to to examine the key concepts of an emerging "action-oriented view of cognition" and the consequences of such a paradigm shift.

The Forum is based on a collective discussion and elaboration of key concepts involved in this pragmatic turn, which in turn could be applied and ultimately result in novel approaches in a number of fields, including cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, robotics, and philosophy of mind. While action-oriented views are currently beginning to emerge in these individual fields, strong links across these domains are mostly lacking. Bringing together leading proponents from these fields to a Strüngmann Forum would substantially speed up interdisciplinary interactions and, by confronting different approaches and types of data, enable novel and more integrated perspectives.

see the Forum's program HERE

The Convergent Science Network supports this Forum with 4 scholarships for young scientists see more at