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Launched spin off company Eodyne Systems SL by SPECS-UPF

4 Nov 2014 - 17:00

Eodyne Systems SL (, a spin off from the research group Synthetic, Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems ( of the Center of Autonomous Systems and Neurorobotics ( at UPF, is launched today to address one of the main health challenges our society is facing: functional recovery after brain damage which affects about 60 million people world wide. Eodyne Systems SL will be commercializing a novel virtual reality based approach towards brain recovery and health, called the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS). RGS is based on the basic research performed by SPECS on the principles governing mind and brain and validated in collaboration with its clinical partners. After successfully treating about 400 patients at different stages of recovery after stroke and publishing the results in leading scientific journals and conferences, RGS is ready to be used by society. To achieve maximal distribution a commercial route is required provided through Eodyne Systems SL.

The partners of Eodyne Systems SL., are Professor Dr. Paul F.M.J. Verschure director of SPECS and the inventor of RGS, the healthcare company Catalina Hoffmann Holding Group, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies(ICREA) and Carmen Buisan the senior project manager @SPECS.

Eodyne’s flagship product, RGS is a novel science based solution for the integrated treatment of deficits that can result from stroke. RGS provides the global healthcare market with:

• A low-cost tool for the neurorehabilitation of deficits in motor, affective, cognitive and linguistic capabilities due to brain damage

• Applicability at all phases of treatment: acute and sub-acute (hospital or rehabilitation clinic) and chronic (home or health center)

• The active engagement of the patient in their rehabilitation following a personalized treatment approach

• A system that empowers the patient and their social environment in the management of their own well being customizing treatment to their means and lifestyle.

• An integrated system for remote treatment, diagnostics, monitoring and advise, allowing savings for patients and their relatives, primary healthcare providers, health centers and insurance companies.

• A life-long learning approach towards physical and mental health

• A scientifically grounded state of the art ICT, artificial intelligence and virtual reality system that brings serious gaming to a qualitatively new level of deployment by integrating it with clinically validated methods and integrated solutions for diagnostic, monitoring and guidance.

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