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SPECS at PRBB Open Day event. 3 October 2015

3 Oct 2015 - 11:00

Great contribution of the SPECS group to the yearly Open Day event at the Mar University Campus of UPF and Barcelona Biomedical Research Park PRBB. This event offered the general public a diversity of workshops and demos to discover how the future scientists and health professionals are trained. More then 600 visitors have attended the event!

SPECS participated with great presentation and demos on

Exploring the brain in 3D with virtual reality:  
Learn about new scientific instruments to explore the brain in health and disease.
Alberto Betella, David Dalmazo, Santiago Brandi

New technologies for neurorehabilitation: RGS-technologies and
How to adress the rehabilitation of neurological disorders using an interactive Vitual Reality installation.
Belen Rubio, Christian Moscardi

Neurorobotics in action:
Some small robots that behave according to brain simulations: the cerebellum in action!
Ivan Herreros, Giovanni Maffei

Robots and music to discover a programming language
A happy little robot moves through a path drawn on a blackboard and plays musical notes when encounters colored patches on the path..…what a great way to teach children about robots and how to program!
Alex Serrano, Marti Sanchez

MORE IMAGES @ Flickr de la UPF