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BRAINX3: A New Scientific Instrument

1 Dec 2015 - 09:00

BRAINX3: A New Scientific Instrument for the Acceleration of Hypotheses on Mind and Brain.  Paul F.M.J. Verschure

The IEEE Intelligent Informatics Bulletin
[ ISSN Number: 1727-5997 (printed), 1727-6004 (on-line) ]

"...So if big data is the problem what is the solution? We do have to acknowledge that as the human mind is the prime instrument of science this also holds for the study of the mind and its substrate the brain. Big data is not only a technical problem; it is also a psychological one. The human mind as a product of biological evolution has finite memory, limited reasoning capacity and comes equipped with surprising biases. In addition, also our machine learning algorithms have not been able to overcome the classic symbol grounding problem or it still falls to humans to give meaning to regularities identified by automated classification or reasoning. Hence, given these considerations I propose that we do need to develop a new class of scientific instruments that aim at linking the human mind to data in the service of discovery. This discovery should be structured in the induction, abduction and deduction cycle of empirical science and advance theories as models of reality that are empirically adequate, allowing us to explain, predict and control the sources behind the observations we make. We could call these new instruments Hypothesis Accelerators and we have constructed the very first one at SPECS lab in Barcelona called BRAINX3"

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