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CSN II @ICT2015 brings a message of multidisciplinarity

20 Oct 2015 - 10:43


Tuesday, 2015, October 20


 Society faces challenges that require novel real-world    technologies that are adaptive, sustainable, robust and  scalable in dealing with their physical and social  environment. CSNII answers this challenge by identifying  the principles underlying the unsurpassed capabilities of  natural systems and to translate these into novel  technologies.

 CSNII directly contributes to this ambition by advancing  research in the Future and Emerging Technology of Neuro-  and Bioinspired systems. CSNII combines platforms for  exchange, training and outreach with international  collaboration (Japan and US), boosting multi-disciplinary  research and innovation which share the value of  convergent science, excellence and societal impact.
 CSNII aims to identify and consolidate the field, to  safeguard its continuity via its training activities and to  assure Europe´s leading role in the Convergent Science of  Living Machines.

At ICT 2015 people have shown a great interest on CSN II and its approach of convergent science and advance of impacting technologies for the society 

At ICT 2015, CSNII presents a range of projects that express the state of the art of how natural principles impact technologies in education, big data and robotics.

- The BRAINX3 system for exploring and experiencing complex multi-scale brain data
- The FutureMemory system for preserving and presenting collective memory
- Easel: Robots for social interaction and education

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