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SPECS in EuroNews on app to preserve historical heritage.

21 Mar 2016 - 10:18

SPECS is involved in the project Future Memory that deals with the conservation of European history and identity. In this context  SPECS has developed an educational paradigm for learning history using digital and interactive technology. see

EuroNews has recently visited us to understand how our scientific and technological approach has helped to develop a tablet application that uses geo-localisation together with virtual and augmented reality to recreate in 3D the Bergen Belsen concentration camp.  The same concept and technology will be used to reconstruct other concentration camps that were build by the Nazi Germany throughout the territories it controlled.

For more insights on Cultural Heritage and the Future Memory project see the blog by Paul Verschure 

Here Space of Memory: Conserving, Presenting and Elaborating the Memory of the Holocaust and Nazi crimes published in the European Commission blog, DAE, on 21/03/2016

and in the CSN blog on 23/03/2016

This work was partially supported via the EU project CEEDS