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At SPECS Neurorobotics is a tool to understand the brain: great experience at BIYSC

23 Jul 2016 - 10:01

It was hard, but we have done it!

This is how the students felt after successully finishing "Neurorobotics as a tool to understand the brain",  the BIYSC course offered by SPECS with Marti Sanchez and Alex Serrano.

"Try everything possible to achieve the impossible" commented the students that went through 2 intense weeks of programming, learning about robots behavior and the brain, well done!

This was the 1st edition of The Barcelona International Youth Science Challenge (BIYSC), a two-week international excellence programme that aims to stimulate scientific talent among young people from all over the world. SPECS will be there for the 2nd edition too! 

The event has caught the attention of the media including La Vanguardia that dedicated a nice article to the project presented by SPECS

see La Masia de la ciencia by La Vanguardia