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Eodyne passes selection by ACCIÓ and Techcrunch to go to Silicon Valley! 12-14 September 2016

15 Jul 2016 - 10:00

The UPF spinoff- company EodyneSystems was selected among 200 startup companies to go to Silicon Valley and participate at the San Francisco Techcrunch disrupt event “Startup Battlefield“!

Techcrunch signs an agreement with Catalan ACCIÓ to take up to 15 Catalan technology start-ups at the benchmark event, Disrupt2016 in San Francisco, which will involve more than 5,000 entrepreneurs, investors and major technological corporations. The event will be enriched with lectures by more than 60 speakers of global relevance, an exhibition space with more than 400 start-ups from over 10 countries. The event will be watched by 4M people. Start-ups are to make a hackaton (1,200 hackers 24h ) and held the “Startup Battlefield“, a competition for start-ups where also known enterprises such as Dropbox, Mint, Yammer have competed.