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CSIM master 2016-17 has started!

26 Sep 2016 - 08:00

Great day for the CSIM students at the "Master Welcome Day" celebrated at the UPF campus on Friday 23 of September.  As part of the event the newly appointed CSIM coordinator Dr. Anna Mura welcomed the 26 registered CSIM students, and gave an overview of the program of the master. 

On Monday 26 of September, CSIM kicks off with the Cognitive Science & Psychology: Mind, Brain and Behaviour course, great! Our new students will find out what the first study day looks like and what they should know beforehand!

This year we have a fantastic group of international students, coming from engineering, psychology, economy, humanities and arts, all full of enthusiasm, curiosity and with the expectation to learn something new.

All the best to all, students and professors!