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SPECS has another doctor: Riccardo Zucca, congratulations!

13 Feb 2015 - 11:00

Today, SPECS's PhD student Riccardo Zucca defends his thesis entitled:

The anatomical, physiological and computational principles of adaptive behaviour in the cerebellum: micro and macrocircuits of the brain.

thesis director: Dr. Paul F.M.J. Verschure

Committee: President: Dr. Germund Hesslow (Lund University); Vocal: Dr. Giovanni Pezzulo (ISTC-CNR); Secretari: Dr. Gustavo Deco (DTIC - UPF)

When:                 Friday, 13 de February 2015
Time:                  11:00 am
Room:                 PhD defense room  55309  Tànger Buiding -
                            Campus de la Comunicació