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Andres Lewin

La Nau building - 51.006
93.5422 194

Musical studies with Vladimir Ussachevsky, Mario Davidovsky and Edgar Varese at Columbia University, New York, USA
Other studies : engineering at Barcelona Polytechnic and Columbia University, New York, USA
Titles : PhD Industrial Engineering Barcelona Polytechnic
Teaching Assistant at Columbia Princeton Electronic Music Center New York, USA(1962/5)
Establishment of the Barcelona Electronic Music Studio in 1968
Founding member of the Phonos Electronic Music Studio in Barcelona 1974 and its secretary/vice president since the establishment (Phonos Foundation).
Secretary of Música Abierta (1960 1962)
Executive Director of the music ensemble Conjunt Catalá de Música Contemporánia(1968/1973)
Secretary and vice president of the Catalan Composers Association (1976 1991, 2000-2004).
Professor for History of Electroacoustic Music at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, Barcelona.(2003-6)
Director of ICMC 2005 and SMC 2010.
Composed works in the electronic music studios of Columbia University/New York, Phonos/Barcelona, Alea/Madrid, CDMC/Madrid, Cuenca/Spain, EMS Stockholm/Sweden and Basel/Switzerland