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Marti Sanchez

La Nau building - 51.100
93.5421 393

 Marti Sanchez Fibla is a Computer Scientist and did his PhD in the artificial intelligence institute in Barcelona (IIIA, CSIC) in the field of Combinatorial Optimization and Heuristic Search. He has been doing research for two years in INRA, Toulouse in the field of Bioinformatics and also developing the optimization library toulbar2. He has now joined SPECS for continuing his research in AI from a Biologically constrained perspective.

Marti was involved in the EU Project Synthetic Forager and is now leading SPECS participation in the eSMC EU project.

Related interests in Artificial Life bring him also to collaborate with System Complex Lab.

My research webpage.

Find my research publications in Artificial Intelligence topics: Search, Heuristics, Combinatorial Optimization and Sensory Motor Learning applied to RoboticsFind my publications indexed by Google Scholar here.