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IC-ACCESS. [2016-2019]

Accessing Campscapes: Inclusive Strategies for Using European Conflicted Heritage

iC-ACCESS aims to develop inclusive strategies to provide access to Nazi and Stalinist 'campscapes' as sites of remembrance, education and research. Most of these have been demolished; others are either monumentalized without physical remnants or the history they stand for has been erased. Hence the challenge of a sustainable (re-)use of these often-contested 'heritagescapes' demands a transnational, interdisciplinary and integrated approach. Research questions include: How do we best valorize their dissonant heritage, given the multiplicity of users, memorial practices and visitor expectation, incorporate and display testimonial material of their problematic history, and preserve, use and add value to them? This project examines campscapes: Westerbork, Bergen-Belsen, Treblinka, Falstad, Jasenovac, Lety, and Jáchymov. The objectives are three-fold: to evaluate the cultural dynamics and narratives that have shaped the safeguarding and significance of these selected campscapes; to identify and analyze the ethics and practices of their preservation and presentation; and finally to develop state-of-the art strategies and implement innovative tools which provide sustainable in-situ and virtual forms of investigation and representation. Through new transnational partnerships, outputs of the project include 1) publications and educational materials, 2) workshops and community interventions, 3) digital mapping and interactive display tools; these will unravel and problematize new physical evidence and heritage paradoxes, and stimulate further research, exchange, and debate. With relevant stakeholders the project will share cutting-edge ways of increasing inclusivity and accessibility to European campscapes.

Duration 01/04/2016 - 31/03/2019
Project Topic REFLECTIVE-1-2014
Acronym iC-ACCESS (HERA.15.092)

Comsortium members

Name                                                       Role                         Country

1  University of Amsterdam                       Coordinator              Netherlands
2  NTNU Norwegian University                   Partner                    Norway
3  Staffordshire University                         Partner                    United Kingdom
4  West Bohemia University                       Partner                    Czech Republic
5  Freie Universität Berlin                          Partner                    Germany
6  Universitat Pompeu Fabra                      Partner                    Spain
7  Post Bellum                                          Observer
8  Herinneringskamp Westerbork                Observer
9  Jasenovac Memorial Site                        Observer
10  Falstad Centre                                     Observer
11  Lidice Memorial                                    Observer
12  Muzeum Walki i Meczerstwa w Treblince Observer
13  Bergen Belsen Memorial                        Observer
14  Wiener Wiesenthal Institut                     Observer