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Robotic Systems

The Robotic Systems Laboratory is a multidisciplinary environment that supports research in the following areas:

  • Fast and reliable insect-based visual navigation models for flying vehicles
  • Multi-robot exploration and coordination
  • Investigation of the neuronal substrates of chemical sensing and their application to odor discrimination and localization
  • Rule learning VR robots/avatars
  • Classical conditioning, operant conditioning and learning models based on the Distributed Adaptive Control framework, which has become a standard in the field of artificial intelligence and behavior based robotics (McFarland and Bosser, 1993; Hendriks-Jansen, 1996; Arkin, 1998; Pfeifer and Scheier, 1999; Clancey 1996; Cordeschi, 2002).
  • Tracking of human and animal behavior

see the Robotics lab to learn about the different robots available in SPECS