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Jonatas Manzolli


He has a Bachelor in Applied Computational Mathematics (1983) and in Composition and Conducting (1987) and a MPhil in Applied Mathematics (1988) both by Unicamp. Developed his PhD at the University of Nottingham (1993) on Musical Composition. He is currently Tenured Professor of the Arts Institute of Unicamp and Coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Sound Studies (NICS). Composer and mathematician, studies interactions between Art and Technology in musical creation, computer music and cognitive sciences. He works on the graduate program in Music within frameworks of Creative Processes and Theoretical Foundations of Music and Technology. His publications focus mainly the following topics: music composition, sound synthesis, sound self-organization and creativity, interactive environments for composition, mathematical models and evolutionary computation applied to sound processes. His artistic production is associated with instrumental music, electroacoustic, multimedia works for dance and sound installations. 

He collaborates with SPECS since 1998.